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Health Tree Foundation wish shines bright on maternity ward

The maternity ward at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital has 37 new lamps thanks to a charity appeal.

Midwife Vicki Booth made a wish to The Health Tree Foundation for bedside lamps for the maternity ward.

In her application to the charity’s website, Vicki said: “The harsh lighting on the maternity wards does not create a very nice atmosphere, especially during night-time feeds. We would like some lamps to create a warmer and cosier environment.”

The Health Tree Foundation, which is the official charity for Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, worked with the midwives to launch an appeal to raise money in order to buy 37 lamps.

Thanks to generous members of the public the appeal was completed in just three days and raised £222.

Vicki said: “I cannot believe how much easier it has been to raise money and to purchase lamps for the ward with the support of the Health Tree Foundation!”

Sharon Leesing was one of the first mothers on the ward to benefit from the newly purchased lamps. She said: “The lamps really helped during night-time checks. I cannot imagine having to use the really bright ceiling lights when you’ve just woken up.”

Vicki added: “It will also help mothers with labour and feeding at all times of day. We are thrilled to have them.”

Alice Weaver fundraising coordinator for The Health Tree Foundation, said: “We are extremely grateful for the public’s generosity during this appeal and for their continued support for the hospital.”

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