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Our Circle of Wishes is a place where you can share the things you feel are most needed in our hospitals and community. Whether you’re a member of staff, a relative or a patient yourself, you can play your part in making big changes, and make wishes come true through the Health Tree Foundation.

Whatever you dream up, we’ll do our best to make it a reality.

Create your wish today, and help us to help more people from our communities. We promise to get back to you in 3 working days to let you know what happens next.

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  • Recliner chairs

    Submitted by Diane Sims

    Ward 27 would like some recliner chairs for our patients. We are a day surgery ward and we recover our patients post op in recliner chairs, these are a vital part of the patients recovery. We don't have any beds on the ward, so when our chairs become unserviceable we have to discard them and this reduces the number of patients we can recover. We would need about 10 in total.

  • Clothes for babies who have passed away

    Submitted by Maria Larn

    We would like some new baby grown mittens and booties and hats for babies that have suddenly died on the ECC department at Grimsby Hospital, so that parents have nice pictures with their babies in new grows.

  • 6 Pressure relieving cushions to fit in chairs

    Submitted by Mandy Goucher

    Please can we have 6 Pressure relieving cushions to fit in chairs? Ward 18 patients are immunocompromised and their skin integrity is at risk and these cushions will help to maintain their level of comfort.

  • Paediatric resuscitation room and paediatric cubicle more child friendly and welcoming

    Submitted by Fiona Thompson

    To help make our paediatric resuscitation room and paediatric cubicle more child friendly and welcoming, the rooms currently have been said by parents to be "scary looking" and by brightening the rooms up and updating them, both children and their parents may feel more relaxed.

  • Turn small office into a salon

    Submitted by Liz Houchin

    At Scunthorpe Hospital, Orthotics uses a room which is not suitable and has patients which are coming for wig fittings. There is a small office which we would like to turn into a salon for the patients to come to which would look like a proper salon with mirrors and vanity units. This would improve patient experience at a traumatic time in their treatment.

  • Simulator doll

    Submitted by Emma Spicer

    We would love to have a simulator doll that enable parents to practice passing nasogastric tubes. This would help to facilitate early discharge from the neonatal unit.

  • 10 EMST150 Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainers

    Submitted by Lesley-Ann Smith

    I would like to make a wish for 10 EMST150 Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainers which we can use to rehabilitate speech and language therapy patients at Grimsby Hospital who have swallowing difficulties. We currently have a number of patients within the hospital and out in community who are unable to eat and drink due to difficulties with their swallowing and are being fed through a tube. The research base for this device and its positive effects on swallowing is extensive. I would be so very grateful if you can consider this wish which could help me get my patients eating and drinking again.

  • Spacelabs pathfinder

    Submitted by Liz Tilley

    Current Holter analysis system in Cardiology at DPOW is extremely slow and therefore not as productive as we would like. We fit 10-15 ambulatory monitors every day and the recordings require analysis by a Cardiac Physiologist. An updated model would make the process more streamlined and effective.

  • 4 easy chairs

    Submitted by Nina Scott

    Please can we have 4 easy chairs for the patient waiting area in Physio corridor in Grimsby Hospital? Thank you.

  • Indirect Cordless Ophthalmoscope

    Submitted by Sarah Judd

    Our ophthalmic equipment is over 20 years old, the battery is slow to charge and the equipment still has leads and wires which are a trip hazard and infection risk. The equipment also does not hold its charge and as he only comes once a week to exam eligible babies, there is a risk it will go flat before he has seen everyone. Please can we an Indirect Cordless Ophthalmoscope, which will reduce all these risks?

  • 6 privacy screens

    Submitted by Sarah Stoney

    I would like to request 6 privacy screens to be used for paediatric patients in theatre recovery (three each for Grimsby and Scunthorpe Hospitals) to improve the experience of children undergoing surgical procedures. The screens can be ordered in child-friendly materials which will ensure the privacy needs as children are specifically met. The screens are available as a 4 panel in both Mr Men and Bubble designs.

  • Bradbury Birthing Couch

    Submitted by Lynn Jefferson

    We wish for a Bradbury Birthing Couch for the Active Birth room on Honeysuckle at Grimsby Hospital. The Couch is kidney shaped, allows for a comfortable position in labour, as the lady can sit with her back into the hollowed out shape, whilst maintaining an upright position, facilitating an optimum birthing position. We would love to provide this option for our women. We are currently looking to get this room decorated in a more relaxing colour scheme.

  • Automated doppler assessment machines

    Submitted by Alison Schofield

    My wish is for automated Doppler assessment machines for district nurses to have access to. This will make improvements for patients who have leg ulcers living with a painful chronic condition and by getting early assessment, diagnosis and then treatment within 2 weeks of a lower limb wound. According to the latest best practice statement, we can then improve healing rates and improve quality of life. This Doppler takes 3 minutes to complete as opposed to upto an hour for a standard current hand held Doppler, with this device we can see many more patients and commence early treatment.

  • Recliner chair for relatives room

    Submitted by Joanne Forward

    Would it be possible to obtain a new reclining chair for the relatives’ room on AMU at Grimsby Hospital. Our reclining chair is coming to the end of its lifecycle and really needs to be thrown out, leaving no reclining chair for the relatives, who are staying overnight with poorly patient.

  • New inner linings for cold cap machine

    Submitted by Julie Walton

    Please can we have new inner linings for the cold cap machine on Ward 18 at Scunthorpe Hospital? New caps are a better fit and will benefit the Cancer patients undergoing chemo treatment, as they are less likely to lose their hair. The current caps are old and worn, and not as effective.

  • Additional exercise equipment

    Submitted by Jane Smith

    Additional exercise equipment to support the cardiac rehabilitation service in North Lincolnshire at both the Hospital and Community Programmes. It will benefit those patients who experience heart problems in North Lincolnshire to recover from their acute illness and to have a more individualised exercise programme prescribed by our exercise instructors

  • MRI immobilisation kit + CD player

    Submitted by Lesley Arnold

    The Scunthorpe Hospital MRI scanner was commissioned in Aug 2012, it was accompanied with accessories for patient comfort and immobilisation aids as patients can be laid on the scanner for periods of up to one hour and sometimes longer. If patients are not comfortable and then move during their scan the resulting images are degraded and can be undiagnostic. The current equipment is coming to the end of its life and requires replacement to enable us to continue providing a high quality diagnostic service to our patients. MRI is a daunting examination for many people; we see claustrophobia and anxiety in a lot of our patients. In order for us to achieve images of a high diagnostic standard we must ensure that the patient is relaxed, comfortable and at ease. This could be helped with a music system that would allow patients to bring their own CDs to improve their experience. This is now common practice in most hospital MRI imaging suites.

  • New Chairs/ Sofa and Coffee table

    Submitted by Deborah Syron

    On Ward 25 SGH, we have a very small room that we call our 'Quiet Room'. In here is where we take patients' and their relatives' to deliver any news, quite often this is bad news unfortunately. The furniture in there is very old and uncomfortable. My wish is to have some new chairs / sofa and a coffee table. This would massively help to make people comfortable when being in there.

  • Twin canmed baby cot

    Submitted by Klara Jeynes

    I would like a twin canmed baby twin cot for the Neonatal Unit at Scunthorpe General Hospital.

  • 4 patient bedside chairs

    Submitted by Julieann Woollas

    Please can we have 4 bedside chairs for patients? The current chairs need replacing because they do not meet patients’ requirements and are very worn.

  • New scalp cooling caps

    Submitted by Melanie Bratley

    We require new scalp cooling caps for our patients. The Orbis II (Paxman cold cap machines) were donated through the walk the walk charity; we currently have three. The cold cap system prevents hair loss in some of the chemotherapy regimens that we give and helps our patients to cope with the often devastating after effects of chemotherapy. However, we now need to replace the cold caps due to general wear and tear over the last 5 years. Some of our existing caps are starting to fracture and can no longer be used. I have a quote for 18 new caps and can forward the information if this wish is approved. Thank you

  • electro-stimulator device

    Submitted by Jacqueline Frith

    We wish to purchase an electro-stimulator device for building up strength in large muscle groups for patients who suffer extreme breathlessness which is limiting activity and severely impacting quality of life. Research has shown improvements in sensation of breathlessness and exercise tolerance in patients unable to participate in traditional exercise programmes due to their condition which can significantly improve symptoms and quality of life. These patients cannot be helped by oxygen, medication or other non-medical interventions as low oxygen levels are not an always a feature of the disease. In palliative care we have patients with pulmonary fibrosis; such a device could significantly help. I have collated the supporting evidence in the form original research and NICE review.

  • Training iPads and dysphagia apps

    Submitted by Jennifer Hall

    Two training iPads - one for Scunthorpe Hospital and one for Grimsby - to assist Speech and Language Therapy in training hospital and community staff when the new International Dysphagia Descriptors come into force in April. Two dysphagia apps per iPad (IDDSI and Dysphagia) to be used for staff and patient education to ensure patients are receiving the correct consistency of diet and fluids. To improve patient and family understanding and provide visual tools for education.

  • Neuroendocrine tumour handbooks

    Submitted by Kerry Spindley

    Neuroendocrine tumour handbooks - Your Guide to Life with a Neuroendocrine Tumour - this is a comprehensive 158 page guide book produced for anyone affected by neuroendocrine tumours. We presently have 20 NET patients and we are receiving approximately 5-10 referrals per year for this condition, we need to give each of these patients one of these handbooks.

  • Sofas for relatives room

    Submitted by Rebecca Wilson

    Please can we have sofas for the ITU relatives’ room? At the minute the room is very clinical looking, this room gets filled very quickly and the ITU manager would love somewhere more comforting for patients’ relatives to sit.

  • Progression Tools for supporting children with communication difficulties

    Submitted by Sarah Howard

    Progression Tools for supporting children across all ages with communication difficulties. We would like to purchase this resource to more effectively support children who work with our team and schools to identify problems at an earlier stage. This may in turn help to reduce some of the longer term impact of their difficulties on making friends, achieving success and progressing with their communication.

  • Defibrillator for Heart to Heart Group

    Submitted by Jane Smith

    We regularly support Heart to Heart Group who need to purchase a new Defibrillator please.

  • Atromot E2 Elbow CPM machine / K1 CPM machine

    Submitted by Kerry Owen

    Atromot E2 Elbow CPM machine. This machine would enable us to treat patients that would currently have to travel to another hospital/trust. K1 CPM machine, this aids patients to gain optimal knee flexion following a knee replacement. This is used for patients that are finding it difficult to achieve knee flexion. Both these machines will enable patients to the best possible results following their surgery.

  • Dementia rummage boxes

    Submitted by Kate Scott

    Please can we have board games, puzzles, dominos, playing cards for the ward dementia rummage boxes to provide patients the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities whilst inpatients either with staff or families/carers. These may also act as a distraction for some patients who are finding the hospital stay harder. Each ward should have a dementia box for this group of patients and this wish would help to support the wards to keep it well stocked up!

  • Large monitor 24inch for X-rays

    Submitted by Peter Louth

    I am making a wish on behalf of the children on the Rainforest Ward. We require a large monitor 24inch in order for the paediatric doctors looking after us to better see the X-rays that we have and diagnose our illness more quickly. This will help to reduce the number of X-Rays that we have, which are bad for us.

  • Two pulse oximeters

    Submitted by Adele Shaw

    Physiological Measurements would like your support to purchase two pulse oximeters for patients to undergo overnight oximetry testing. The patient collects the oximeter and wears overnight and returns to us the following day. Unfortunately at times the test is unsuccessful because it has come loose during the night or not enough data has been recorded and due to high demand the oximeter is already booked out 4 weeks in advance to full capacity meaning these patients have to wait again to have a repeat test. Also because the monitors are used so regularly and taken to patients homes they can be damaged and we have had one lost. Due to this at times we struggle to provide an efficient service for the patients, despite on occasions going to the patient’s home myself to collect the oximeter when they have informed us they cannot return it to the hospital the following day as agreed in order to not cancel a different patient test. Having the extra oximeters would mean patients have trouble getting the recording and needing repeat testing or struggling to travel back to the hospital would get a more efficient service. Thank you for considering this wish.

  • DAB Radio

    Submitted by Chris Best

    Please can we have a DAB radio for the ophthalmic theatre? The majority of patients are awake during their procedure and therefore would benefit from some music being played in the background instead of hearing staff and doctors discussing the procedure. Music has shown to help keep the patients’ blood pressure and heart rate within acceptable parameters.

  • Equipment & furnishings to upgrade birthing room

    Submitted by Geraldine Hotham

    My wish is to have some equipment and furnishings to upgrade the birthing room on Central Delivery Suite. Currently, this room has some excellent equipment which supports women taking up a variety of positions for birth. This includes a large bean bag, Variatrack (specialist equipment for women to be supported upright) and floor mattress, as well as supported seats and birthing balls. However, the room itself is poor décor and window blind and central strip lighting which makes it rather clinical and unwelcoming. Evidence shows that women value a homely, non-clinical environment for natural birth, with a sense of privacy and lighting which can be controlled. This is important to me and other midwives as we wish to support women in having the type of birth they want. We would like to enhance choice of birth experiences for women coming to Scunthorpe General Hospital if they have low risk pregnancies, as well as meeting the needs of women who need more intensive clinical care. If my wish comes true, women giving birth will benefit from choice of safe, non-clinical environments which support normal births. In addition the trust will benefit from meeting national high standards according to the Better Births initiative.

  • Venue hire for palliative care course

    Submitted by Jacqueline Frith

    The organisers of the palliative care course for trained nurses have requested I approach you to fund the provision of the venue for the course at Lindsey Lodge Hospice. The course is provided free of charge to trust staff and staff from nursing homes in our PCT. The course is intended to raise the level of knowledge and confidence in staff caring for end of life patients, improve standards of care and the service users’ experience. Thank you.

  • Black out blinds & window frosted film

    Submitted by Sarah Judd

    Please can we have vertical black out blinds and window frosted film to all side windows? This will help maintain privacy for parents and families, not only in general but also for breastfeeding, difficult situations. Also black out blinds will help with the darkness for quiet hour and developmental care for the premature babies.

  • 4 wall mounted fans

    Submitted by Wasantha Kapurubandara

    Cardio-respiratory department at Scunthorpe Hospital would like to have 4 wall mounted fans. During the summer patients are complaining these rooms are very warm and we had few episodes of fainting. Also echo machines get over heated during the summer. We have no windows in our department. I believe these wall fans are benefit for patients and staff.

  • Soft closing bins

    Submitted by Donna Higgins

    We have some patient experience / quality initiative work taking place to try and prevent delirium developing in our critical care patients. Noise is a factor in preventing patients from getting adequate rest and upon looking at our environment we have identified the need to purchase soft closing bins for the Intensive Therapy Unit at Grimsby.

  • 3 laptops

    Submitted by Paula Broomhead

    We want to provide our Grimsby patients with accurate up to date disease modifying advice and education. We work in community venues and would like 3 laptops to allow access to our databases, resources and online training to our patients in the community. Currently we use diagrams and verbal explanations to give this information to patients but it would be brilliant to provide an enhanced service giving our patients what they truly deserve. We also see patients in the hospital in our outpatient clinics so in these areas we can use our old desk top computers but the screens are quite small and some of our elderly patients struggle to see the small detail, we think larger screen monitor would be brilliant that we can move between cubicles depending upon patient need. We could also use this for training our staff , and students and doing cross site Skype training sessions with Scunthorpe Hospital.

  • Video camera for EEG monitoring

    Submitted by George Williams

    Please can we have a Video camera for EEG monitoring in Neurophysiology at Grimsby Hospital?. Video EEG monitoring is a more specialized form of an EEG test in which the patient is constantly monitored over a video screen. This allows doctors to observe brainwave electrical activity during the time a seizure is occurring. Ambulatory Video EEG is safe, non-invasive (scalp recording) and would change current practice to bring benefits to patients as outpatients for both adults and children’s. The proposed service takes away limitations and adds value for current tests performed without video recording like standalone standard ambulatory EEG. This will minimize misdiagnosis, and reduce the number of people being started on anti-epileptic medication. Non ambulant patient test can be done at home or in the community with a prior home visit by Healthcare professionals. It is helpful for patients with frequent seizures and learning disabilities. Patients where travel to the hospital was not possible, geographically or physically limited and patients that had declined coming to hospital and patients with mental health problems who have not left home for some time. Assessing the patient in their home environment is not only more convenient for the patient and most importantly rate of seizures occurrence is due to several factors and injury risks can be assessed.

  • EEG amplifier headbox

    Submitted by George Williams

    Please can we have a EEG amplifier head box for Neurophysiology at Grimsby Hospital? The use of portable EEG in current practice is significantly limited by non-availability of resource (head box), causing delays for the patients. At present they have to come to us, sometimes patients have less choice by lying in bed or in trolley for too long before they can go back to the ward. With portable EEG this can be done in the intensive care setting and on the ward without being transferred to us. Mainly in Intensive care units this is used to assess the extent of brain damage or brain death and also predicting the prognosis especially in patients in hypoxic brain injury in neonates and in post-anoxic coma following a cardiac arrest or head injury. Providing portable video-EEG in the ITU and wards will protect patient privacy, dignity and autonomy. This will speed up the diagnosis and treatment, rather than waiting for an appointment and in outpatient’s department corridors, discharge lounge for several hours, missing vital assessments, treatment time and food. And also this will avoid expensive and potentially dangerous ambulance transfers from other sites to us. It will also help us screen large number of patients who are waiting for an in-patient test, save time and will definitely improve patient’s outcomes.

  • Patient assessment conference

    Submitted by Michelle Ward

    I am one of the Oncology nurses based at Scunthorpe Hospital. I would like to request funding to attend an educational conference in Manchester, which will enhance my existing skills in acutely unwell patient assessment and their subsequent care. My colleague from Grimsby Hospital has also made a wish for this funding. This conference would provide valuable knowledge and insight of best practice within the acute oncology service at a national level, providing the opportunity to facilitate positive changes within our existing service at these local hospitals. Consequently, this will be of enormous benefit to oncology patients who are undergoing systemic treatments and require extra support in managing side-effects of treatment effectively and also for those patients who become acutely unwell at home following treatment and require medical intervention.

  • Equipment to redecorate room in Children Development Centre, St. Nicholas House & Gym Balls

    Submitted by Anna Strong

    We are the Physiotherapy Team working with children in the community in North Lincolnshire and we are very lucky to have a couple of rooms to use with our patients at the Children Development Centre, St. Nicholas House. Unfortunately, the rooms are bare on the walls and we would love to make them more children friendly. We are hoping to create a child friendly space by adding colours to the walls with exciting scenes. One of our colleagues has agreed to paint those but we are requesting your help to purchase the resources that this job requires. Additionally, we are lacking any gym balls and a stand to help store these. We would benefit from having some gym balls to work with children on strengthening their muscles and balance.

  • Alarm pill boxes

    Submitted by Amanda Pitt

    I would love for my mum to have an alarm pill box. I wish there was shorter waiting times within Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust as people have to wait to long for diagnosis. My mum has Parkinson’s, arthritis and is waiting on a removal of a cancerous growth on her lung. She has been through a lot since my dad passed away 7 years ago and one of these pill boxes would make her life so much easier. There should also be more community nursing so the vulnerable don’t need to travel to the doctors or hospital for general care. Thank you.

  • Advanced Communication skills training

    Submitted by Leane Stocks

    I would like to attend the Advanced Communication skills training please. I feel that it would help me within my role as an Oncology Nurse Practitioner to help with difficult and emotional conversations that we may come across. This would significantly benefit my patients as I would be able to adequately support my patients during difficult times as well as, improving my communication skills and knowledge base.

  • International Paediatric Simulation Symposia conference

    Submitted by Gemma Bradley

    To attend the International Paediatric Simulation Symposia conference where my two colleagues and I have been selected to present our work in Paediatric Simulation Training within Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust. The study day that we now run for all HCA's working in paediatrics, is improving patient safety by looking at communication, escalation of care, systematic assessment of the sick child, clinical skills in paediatrics, and the importance of the role of the HCA within our team. Having our work accepted in this way to showcase at an international level, is exciting for Trust; However having the opportunity to attend to not only present it ourselves, but to learn from the other international delegates, will bring new opportunities in training and education for our staff. This will in turn, of course, bring further patient safety enhancements for the children in our care, and continuing development opportunities for all of the staff groups we work alongside with Simulation training.

  • FeNO machine which will help to improve the diagnosis of Bronchial Asthma in Children.

    Submitted by Zulfiqar Haider

    I would like to Purchase a FeNO machine which will help to improve the diagnosis of Bronchial Asthma in Children.

  • Public WiFi

    Submitted by William Gill

    Please can we have Public Access WiFi in Scunthorpe hospital? This would make life so much easier for people in hospital and relatives. Even if this is behind an affordable pay wall. We spend a lot of time on Disney ward and there is limited phone signal making communication difficult.

  • x 2 Florien II 450 chairs

    Submitted by Amanda Holmes

    Please can we have 2 Florien II 450 chairs from Kirton? They are for the patients on the Intensive Care Unit, allowing them to sit out of bed as part of their rehabilitation. We have already trailed the chairs and found that they are the most suitable for our patient’s needs.

  • 2 rooms in A&E DPOW decorated as child friendly assessment rooms

    Submitted by Jenna Mckie

    A&E is often a very frightening experience for children. 14000 children every year visit the department with their family. These experiences are often very stressful and traumatic, and can leave long term phobias. I would like to have 2 rooms in A&E decorated as child friendly assessment rooms. 1 room in A&E minors and one on A&E majors. This will improve the overall experience of children visiting the department.

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