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Our Circle of Wishes is a place where you can share the things you feel are most needed in our hospitals and community. Whether you’re a member of staff, a relative or a patient yourself, you can play your part in making big changes, and make wishes come true through the Health Tree Foundation.

Whatever you dream up, we’ll do our best to make it a reality.

Create your wish today, and help us to help more people from our communities. We promise to get back to you in 3 working days to let you know what happens next.

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    Submitted by Margaret Beckett

    The ward I was treated on recently was wonderful, but it doesn’t look very cheerful. It would be great if the Health Tree Foundation could purchase some artwork to brighten some wards up – I’m sure it would cheer the patients and their families up!


    Submitted by Rachel Greenbeck

    We would like to make as many of our wards and facilities dementia friendly to help patients and visitors with the illness. The trust, whilst doing its best with existing funds, needs some additional support for the items that are classed as luxuries.

  • Courtyard Maintenance

    Submitted by Sian Broughton

    Goole Hospital has a number of courtyards (approximately 6) that have become overgrown. In order to make them more visually appealing for both patients and visitors we could work with Volunteers to develop and maintain the Courtyards.

  • Gastrolyzer

    Submitted by Jennie Bloomfield

    My wish is for the purchase of the Gastrolyzer which is a portable, non-invasive breath analysis device which, by measuring levels of Methane, Hydrogen and Oxygen in the breath can accurately detect a range of gastrointestinal disorders such as Lactose Intolerance. This would benefit the patients who attend the Lower GI Unit for biofeedback session as it would mean a fast and accurate diagnosis, no invasive testing. Simultaneous methane testing can diagnose patients who do not produce hydrogen, helping to ensure accurate diagnosis with just one test. It is simple to use, low maintenance, instant results, with patient management software

  • Child Friendly Waiting Area and Therapy Rooms

    Submitted by Danielle Heard

    We really wish our Children's Therapy treatment rooms and waiting area were child friendly, inviting and relaxing for the Children, parents, staff alike. Specifically it would be nice to have some new colourful child size chairs in the waiting area and possibly some toys. The main request would be for some nice bright paint and art work in the therapy rooms and waiting area. Thanks

  • Enhance new cancer treatment area at Scunthorpe

    Submitted by Maxine Woollin

    The Pink Rose Suite is the main breast cancer assessment unit for NLAG, yet at Scunthorpe we work across both sites but predominantly as a satellite unit to support Scunthorpe patients at and through their diagnosis of breast cancer and pathway of care. We have never had a set clinical space from which to do this and have for many years been looking for an area to be able to see patients locally for their wound care, post surgical interventions, examinations and some oncology treatments within a set clinic. We have recently been given access to a space which would be ideal within the Out Patient Department but the room requires some assessment and interventions to make it fit for purpose, e.g., wall paper off and painting, sink, couch, curtains, storage, etc.

  • Family Bereavement Room on Maternity Ward

    Submitted by Melanie Blow

    I wish for donations to put towards the new bereavement room on delivery suit. This room is for parents and their families to be together in a nice environment when losing a baby. I've lost a little girl myself and there was no room or anywhere available for me. I believe that this is needed so desperately losing a child is horrendous but to be able to feel comfortable and in a nice supported environment and being able to be close to your family is very important. Unfortunately I couldn't have this. But I think it is so important. The room is available but donations are needed to refurbish and make the room appropriate for the level of care and equipment needed when experiencing such a traumatic time.

  • Furnish relatives rooms

    Submitted by Debbie Bagley

    We have recently had two rooms decorated on Ward B2 and Ward B3/B4 corridor and designated as relative's room - to ensure relatives have a private room close to the ward area. My wish is to have further furnishing within the rooms - blinds on the windows, a coffee table, a small lockable cupboard which cups and saucer, teapot can be stored. A plaque for the doors and pictures on the walls.

  • Child and Young Person Friendly Room

    Submitted by Jane Fell

    Our wish is to make use of our garage space at the Looked After Children Team, into a child and young person friendly room where our looked after children and young people can come and see us for a health discussion when they need health advice or want to have their health assessment in a different environment.

  • Therapy Content for Dementia Patients

    Submitted by Rachel Greenbeck

    I would like x2 22” touch screen PCs and 2 tablet devices which are pre-loaded with reminiscence content to help to stimulate patients and enable communication and engagement between patients, carers and family members. Content includes photos from all areas in the UK, BBC TV archive shows, speeches, poetry and games to relieve boredom and relieve stress. There is also Life work that can be created.

  • metal frame patient chairs

    Submitted by Lynn Jefferson

    Chairs we came with have mostly had to be thrown away on infection control grounds due to wear and tear, with the result that we do not have enough chairs for every client, and their partner. We promote a service where the partners are encouraged to stay after delivery, to aid bonding, to allow the new mum and dad to learn how to look after their baby together.

  • Bariatric armchairs in maternity

    Submitted by Lynn Jefferson

    I am making a wish for two bariatric arm chairs, one low back and one high back. the actual cost to an ever increasing number of our ladies who need them is greater. At the moment for our ladies with an increased BMI, there are no chairs available that they can fit into, so the only place they can sit is on the bed, decreasing their mobility, increasing the risk to pressure areas. After delivery of their babies, again they have no where to sit, no other choice of position to aid bonding and assist with feeding and breast feeding. These could be utilised across all 4 maternity wards at Grimsby.

  • Dementia Friendly Hospitals

    Submitted by Rebecca Buckley

    The hospital experience for elderly patients with dementia can be somewhat frightening. Different faces, environments and lack of communication between patients and their family and care providers can provide an element of negativity on the overall hospital inpatient experience. My wish is to make our hospitals more dementia friendly.

  • Rehab Chairs

    Submitted by Paula Hird

    The Stroke Unit is very short of Rehab chairs. Very often patients are needing to share these few chairs, having to wait for one to become available, which naturally impacts upon their rehab. This will help them recover, and help them maintain a clear chest.

  • Dementia Friendly Clocks and Toilet Seats

    Submitted by Deborah Key

    My wish is for 20 dementia friendly toilet seats and 12 dementia friendly clocks for the Outpatient Department. The seats would enable the dementia patients to maintain their dignity and the clocks will help to reduce their anxiety as research has shown that it is beneficial for the patient if they are able to see what time it.

  • Treadmill for physiotherapy

    Submitted by Michelle Atkinson

    My Wish is to acquire a treadmill for the physiotherapy gym at Scunthorpe. A treadmill could be used for gait analysis both walking and running. The treadmill could be placed in front of a mirror so that the clinician could point out changes in the walking or running styles caused by the patient’s injury. Currently to assess these patients are required to pace up and down the gym, which is not always safe due to other patients in the same area. This will be invaluable to the rehab of post op patients such as ACL reconstructions who are aiming back towards full sports, but also hill walkers. Patients of the physiotherapy service would benefit in their rehabilitation and also other services that use the gym facilities.

  • Patient bedside tables

    Submitted by Sharon Hansom

    I wish we had more patient bed tables on delivery suite

  • Redecorate and Refurbish Breast Feeding Room

    Submitted by Emma Spicer

    To redecorate and refurbish the breast feeding room so that mothers can express their milk or feed their baby in a room that has the feeling of home and is comfortable. The relaxing but practical room will be beneficial to both mother and baby and facilitate breast feeding and bonding.

  • Dementia Friendly Ward

    Submitted by Julie Cox

    To make Ward 3 a Dementia Friendly Environment. Look at Kings Fund Dementia Friendly Environment information and templates and gallery for examples.

  • Dementia Friendly Room

    Submitted by Kirsty Dent

    C6 have a bathroom that is no longer used and we would like to convert it into a dementia friendly day room. This would give our patients somewhere nice and relaxing to spend time in.

  • Amethyst Ward Software

    Submitted by Debbie Tansley

    I would like to ask for help to Purchase IT software to enable communication between new Dinamaps (Mindray purchased via charitable funds Dec 2015) and Web V system on the Amethyst Ward. This will benefit cancer patients.

  • Bladder Scanner

    Submitted by Lesley Dobbs

    A bladder scan is so useful in patients who are undergoing Continuous VenoVenous HemoDiaFiltration; some of these patients do not produce urine. The urinary catheter is removed to prevent infection. Using a bladder scan will indicate if the bladder contains urine. All patients within Critical care.

  • Blood Pressure Machine

    Submitted by Amy Maddison

    Please can I make a wish for some more blood pressure machines? We have 6 bays and 5 cubicles, but not enough machines for each room as the ones we have are the old ones and are constantly breaking.

  • Laptops to download data of patients who cannot attend clinic

    Submitted by Claire Alexander-Smith

    The Respiratory Nurses run a non-invasive ventilation clinic at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, in which we can download the data from the ventilators. This data helps with looking at compliance, troubleshooting problems and titration of the settings. We have a growing number of patients with neuromuscular problems such as motor neurone disease who are unable to attend clinic appointments therefore we home visit these patients. We would like a laptop that we can take out to patient’s homes so we can do the download there and then.

  • Tablets with a stylus for Stroke Rehabilitation

    Submitted by Laura Parkin

    My wish is for two Tablets, with a stylus and clamp stand each at Ward 3 Goole and District Hospital. These will be used with the patients in the Stroke Rehabilitation beds, enabling therapeutic intervention from the Multidisciplinary Team, promoting engagement in cognitive and physical rehabilitation and recovery through the use of Apps as a treatment tool.

  • Two televisions

    Submitted by Charlotte Lynch

    We would like to purchase two televisions to place upon the wall for our enhanced isolations rooms upon ward C6 Diana Princess of Wales. These isolations are extremely claustrophobic and lonely places and often lead to patients self-discharging; we feel we could keep patients in for longer if they had some form of entertainment.

  • Television with DVD capability for Audiology Department Grimsby

    Submitted by Ross Keith

    We would like to provide a television screen with DVD capability to put up in the patient waiting area. Waiting times can be quite long during our bi-weekly drop in clinics and this would be an ideal opportunity to educate and self-empower patients by providing information on things they could do to help them hear better

  • Shower Trolley for Disney Ward

    Submitted by Vikki McAlpine

    The Shower Trolley is to aid the care and hygiene needs of the older children with complex needs. It is sometimes difficult to bath these children, the Shower Trolley enables them to have a shower whilst being able to lay down. The trolley can be drained over a bath, allowing the child to be dried and dressed with much less upset.

  • Recliner Chair for overnight family stays

    Submitted by Garry Cowling

    Please could you provide a recliner chair for families of patients who are staying with a loved one at night for end of life care?

  • church service for bereaved families

    Submitted by Amanda Dexter

    The event involves a church service for bereaved families and a gathering afterwards for support. The event is held annually simultaneously in Scunthorpe and Grimsby and is well-attended by families who have lost a baby as a result of stillbirth or death in the neonatal period. It is supported by the hospital chaplain, midwives and staff from children's services.

  • seated exercise programme specifically designed for patients with heart failure

    Submitted by Louise Gore

    The Heart Failure Specialist Nurses are planning to set up a seated exercise programme within the hospital setting and require a 32" TV/DVD -2 Big Ben BP monitors and 2 pulse oximeters. Evidence shows patients benefit as a result of taking part, such as improved quality of life, improved symptoms, and reduced readmission rates.

  • POSSUM system for MND patients

    Submitted by Claire Alexander-Smith

    POSSUM is a buzzer system that doesn’t require a patient to use their hands to activate it. We have a lot of Motor Neurone Disease patients who can only move their heads and not the rest of their body. This system will enable patients to control and activate the nurse on call system.

  • Bracket and mounting for TV on the wall

    Submitted by Joanne Avison

    Our recent patient survey has highlighted that patients would appreciate a TV in the waiting area; to help pass the time whilst waiting for procedures. We have a suitable TV on the Endoscopy unit but would be grateful if the charity could support us with the costs of the bracket and mounting the TV on the wall please.

  • To create a Relatives Room to break bad news.

    Submitted by Michael Searby

    A room to be able to break bad news to dying patients and their relatives and enable patients and their relatives are to make educated end‐of‐life decisions in privacy with nursing staff. The wish is to have a current doctor’s office renovated into a relative’s room.

  • Fakuda Portable for continual cardiac monitoring

    Submitted by Jenn Orton

    The piece of equipment is a monitor that is used in critical care areas. It allows the patients to have continual cardiac monitoring and the nursing staff are alerted through alarm settings when changes occur. Because this monitor is portable it can be transported with patients when they go for an investigation which means that their vital signs continue to be monitored.

  • Equipment that will enable the safe placement of vascular devices for Chemotherapy patients

    Submitted by Nick Harrison

    Used with patients receiving chemotherapy these devices allow for easy blood sampling and help prevent/reduce complications such as pain, swelling, anxiety and extravasation

  • A new play cooker/ kitchen, dolls house and storage for books and toys which is colourful and appealing to children with disability

    Submitted by Sarah Howard

    The CDC and D4 are all one team delivering Occupational Therapy, Physio and Speech and Language Training to disabled children. The Children come to our dept for many weeks and we have to put up with out of date and tired looking toys and equipment. We would love to have a bright and cheery place for them to have their therapy. We would like a new play cooker/ kitchen, dolls house and storage for books and toys which is colourful and appealing to children with disability

  • New Monitoring Equipment for A&E Resuscitation room

    Submitted by Harriet Aisthorpe

    I work in A&E and i wish for new monitoring equipment for resuscitation room as the current equipment is old and outdated and more high tech equipment is needed to closely monitor patients and integrate into the rest of the trust. Patients and staff will benefit from this change as critically ill patients will be monitored more effectively and all leads will be available and will be more efficient for transfer to wards.

  • renovate room 4 on the neonatal intensive care unit

    Submitted by Emma Spicer

    To renovate room 4 on the neonatal intensive care unit and provide a relaxing room away from noise and excessive light for our babies that have special needs. The room would also be used for babies that are near to discharge and provide an environment similar to that of home.

  • Refurbishment of relatives room on day Ward 22.

    Submitted by Diane Murray

    The Nursing Team on Ward 22 want to make our relatives room/ day room a more inviting and comforting space for patients and relatives for breaking bad news and for relatives of critically ill patients who wish to spend time at hospital with their loved one. Currently the room is cold and uninspiring, lacking in character- other areas in the ward are about to be refurbished but this room will be untouched- we would like to decorate/ have new seating/ soft furnishings/pictures etc. and wondered if you could help. Many of our patients & relatives make donations & we would like to give them something back.

  • New Stereo for Urology Theatre

    Submitted by Chris Best

    A new DAB stereo system for Urology Theatre B, many of our patients are operated under spinal anaesthetic, meaning they are awake for many procedures. This will enhance the patients experience as they will be able to listen to music rather than the surrounding noise from the procedure and equipment. This operating theatre is also used out of hours for cesarean sections and can get quite hectic at times and would be beneficial to these patients to help keep them relaxed and comfortable.

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