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Our Circle of Wishes is a place where you can share the things you feel are most needed in our hospitals and community. Whether you’re a member of staff, a relative or a patient yourself, you can play your part in making big changes, and make wishes come true through the Health Tree Foundation.

Whatever you dream up, we’ll do our best to make it a reality.

Create your wish today, and help us to help more people from our communities. We promise to get back to you in 3 working days to let you know what happens next.

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  • Clothes for babies who have passed away

    Submitted by Maria Larn

    We would like some new baby grown mittens and booties and hats for babies that have suddenly died on the ECC department at Grimsby Hospital, so that parents have nice pictures with their babies in new grows.

  • Simulator doll

    Submitted by Emma Spicer

    We would love to have a simulator doll that enable parents to practice passing nasogastric tubes. This would help to facilitate early discharge from the neonatal unit.

  • Paediatric resuscitation room and paediatric cubicle more child friendly and welcoming

    Submitted by Fiona Thompson

    To help make our paediatric resuscitation room and paediatric cubicle more child friendly and welcoming, the rooms currently have been said by parents to be "scary looking" and by brightening the rooms up and updating them, both children and their parents may feel more relaxed.

  • Turn small office into a salon

    Submitted by Liz Houchin

    At Scunthorpe Hospital, Orthotics uses a room which is not suitable and has patients which are coming for wig fittings. There is a small office which we would like to turn into a salon for the patients to come to which would look like a proper salon with mirrors and vanity units. This would improve patient experience at a traumatic time in their treatment.

  • Spacelabs pathfinder

    Submitted by Liz Tilley

    Current Holter analysis system in Cardiology at DPOW is extremely slow and therefore not as productive as we would like. We fit 10-15 ambulatory monitors every day and the recordings require analysis by a Cardiac Physiologist. An updated model would make the process more streamlined and effective.

  • Training iPads and dysphagia apps

    Submitted by Jennifer Hall

    Two training iPads - one for Scunthorpe Hospital and one for Grimsby - to assist Speech and Language Therapy in training hospital and community staff when the new International Dysphagia Descriptors come into force in April. Two dysphagia apps per iPad (IDDSI and Dysphagia) to be used for staff and patient education to ensure patients are receiving the correct consistency of diet and fluids. To improve patient and family understanding and provide visual tools for education.

  • Indirect Cordless Ophthalmoscope

    Submitted by Sarah Judd

    Our ophthalmic equipment is over 20 years old, the battery is slow to charge and the equipment still has leads and wires which are a trip hazard and infection risk. The equipment also does not hold its charge and as he only comes once a week to exam eligible babies, there is a risk it will go flat before he has seen everyone. Please can we an Indirect Cordless Ophthalmoscope, which will reduce all these risks?

  • New Chairs/ Sofa and Coffee table

    Submitted by Deborah Syron

    On Ward 25 SGH, we have a very small room that we call our 'Quiet Room'. In here is where we take patients' and their relatives' to deliver any news, quite often this is bad news unfortunately. The furniture in there is very old and uncomfortable. My wish is to have some new chairs / sofa and a coffee table. This would massively help to make people comfortable when being in there.

  • Automated doppler assessment machines

    Submitted by Alison Schofield

    My wish is for automated Doppler assessment machines for district nurses to have access to. This will make improvements for patients who have leg ulcers living with a painful chronic condition and by getting early assessment, diagnosis and then treatment within 2 weeks of a lower limb wound. According to the latest best practice statement, we can then improve healing rates and improve quality of life. This Doppler takes 3 minutes to complete as opposed to upto an hour for a standard current hand held Doppler, with this device we can see many more patients and commence early treatment.

  • Sofas for relatives room

    Submitted by Rebecca Wilson

    Please can we have sofas for the ITU relatives’ room? At the minute the room is very clinical looking, this room gets filled very quickly and the ITU manager would love somewhere more comforting for patients’ relatives to sit.

  • Equipment & furnishings to upgrade birthing room

    Submitted by Geraldine Hotham

    My wish is to have some equipment and furnishings to upgrade the birthing room on Central Delivery Suite. Currently, this room has some excellent equipment which supports women taking up a variety of positions for birth. This includes a large bean bag, Variatrack (specialist equipment for women to be supported upright) and floor mattress, as well as supported seats and birthing balls. However, the room itself is poor décor and window blind and central strip lighting which makes it rather clinical and unwelcoming. Evidence shows that women value a homely, non-clinical environment for natural birth, with a sense of privacy and lighting which can be controlled. This is important to me and other midwives as we wish to support women in having the type of birth they want. We would like to enhance choice of birth experiences for women coming to Scunthorpe General Hospital if they have low risk pregnancies, as well as meeting the needs of women who need more intensive clinical care. If my wish comes true, women giving birth will benefit from choice of safe, non-clinical environments which support normal births. In addition the trust will benefit from meeting national high standards according to the Better Births initiative.

  • Black out blinds & window frosted film

    Submitted by Sarah Judd

    Please can we have vertical black out blinds and window frosted film to all side windows? This will help maintain privacy for parents and families, not only in general but also for breastfeeding, difficult situations. Also black out blinds will help with the darkness for quiet hour and developmental care for the premature babies.

  • 4 wall mounted fans

    Submitted by Wasantha Kapurubandara

    Cardio-respiratory department at Scunthorpe Hospital would like to have 4 wall mounted fans. During the summer patients are complaining these rooms are very warm and we had few episodes of fainting. Also echo machines get over heated during the summer. We have no windows in our department. I believe these wall fans are benefit for patients and staff.

  • Public WiFi

    Submitted by William Gill

    Please can we have Public Access WiFi in Scunthorpe hospital? This would make life so much easier for people in hospital and relatives. Even if this is behind an affordable pay wall. We spend a lot of time on Disney ward and there is limited phone signal making communication difficult.

  • Alarm pill boxes

    Submitted by Amanda Pitt

    I would love for my mum to have an alarm pill box. I wish there was shorter waiting times within Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust as people have to wait to long for diagnosis. My mum has Parkinson’s, arthritis and is waiting on a removal of a cancerous growth on her lung. She has been through a lot since my dad passed away 7 years ago and one of these pill boxes would make her life so much easier. There should also be more community nursing so the vulnerable don’t need to travel to the doctors or hospital for general care. Thank you.

  • EEG amplifier headbox

    Submitted by George Williams

    Please can we have a EEG amplifier head box for Neurophysiology at Grimsby Hospital? The use of portable EEG in current practice is significantly limited by non-availability of resource (head box), causing delays for the patients. At present they have to come to us, sometimes patients have less choice by lying in bed or in trolley for too long before they can go back to the ward. With portable EEG this can be done in the intensive care setting and on the ward without being transferred to us. Mainly in Intensive care units this is used to assess the extent of brain damage or brain death and also predicting the prognosis especially in patients in hypoxic brain injury in neonates and in post-anoxic coma following a cardiac arrest or head injury. Providing portable video-EEG in the ITU and wards will protect patient privacy, dignity and autonomy. This will speed up the diagnosis and treatment, rather than waiting for an appointment and in outpatient’s department corridors, discharge lounge for several hours, missing vital assessments, treatment time and food. And also this will avoid expensive and potentially dangerous ambulance transfers from other sites to us. It will also help us screen large number of patients who are waiting for an in-patient test, save time and will definitely improve patient’s outcomes.

  • Soft closing bins

    Submitted by Donna Higgins

    We have some patient experience / quality initiative work taking place to try and prevent delirium developing in our critical care patients. Noise is a factor in preventing patients from getting adequate rest and upon looking at our environment we have identified the need to purchase soft closing bins for the Intensive Therapy Unit at Grimsby.

  • Equipment to redecorate room in Children Development Centre, St. Nicholas House & Gym Balls

    Submitted by Anna Strong

    We are the Physiotherapy Team working with children in the community in North Lincolnshire and we are very lucky to have a couple of rooms to use with our patients at the Children Development Centre, St. Nicholas House. Unfortunately, the rooms are bare on the walls and we would love to make them more children friendly. We are hoping to create a child friendly space by adding colours to the walls with exciting scenes. One of our colleagues has agreed to paint those but we are requesting your help to purchase the resources that this job requires. Additionally, we are lacking any gym balls and a stand to help store these. We would benefit from having some gym balls to work with children on strengthening their muscles and balance.

  • 2 rooms in A&E DPOW decorated as child friendly assessment rooms

    Submitted by Jenna Mckie

    A&E is often a very frightening experience for children. 14000 children every year visit the department with their family. These experiences are often very stressful and traumatic, and can leave long term phobias. I would like to have 2 rooms in A&E decorated as child friendly assessment rooms. 1 room in A&E minors and one on A&E majors. This will improve the overall experience of children visiting the department.

  • Video camera for EEG monitoring

    Submitted by George Williams

    Please can we have a Video camera for EEG monitoring in Neurophysiology at Grimsby Hospital?. Video EEG monitoring is a more specialized form of an EEG test in which the patient is constantly monitored over a video screen. This allows doctors to observe brainwave electrical activity during the time a seizure is occurring. Ambulatory Video EEG is safe, non-invasive (scalp recording) and would change current practice to bring benefits to patients as outpatients for both adults and children’s. The proposed service takes away limitations and adds value for current tests performed without video recording like standalone standard ambulatory EEG. This will minimize misdiagnosis, and reduce the number of people being started on anti-epileptic medication. Non ambulant patient test can be done at home or in the community with a prior home visit by Healthcare professionals. It is helpful for patients with frequent seizures and learning disabilities. Patients where travel to the hospital was not possible, geographically or physically limited and patients that had declined coming to hospital and patients with mental health problems who have not left home for some time. Assessing the patient in their home environment is not only more convenient for the patient and most importantly rate of seizures occurrence is due to several factors and injury risks can be assessed.

  • Lifting Chair "Raizer"

    Submitted by Deborah Tansley

    To purchase lifting Chair "Raizer" by lift up many of our patients are frail and if they fall we can use the "Raizer" chair to get them to a sit / stand position very easily (I have information if required).

  • 5 constraint induced therapy mits

    Submitted by George McIntosh

    The wish is for 4 or 5 constraint induced therapy mits to be purchased for children on our caseload to use during therapy. They allow the patient to work their weaker arm/hand while the other hand has the mit on it.

  • x2 High Flo oxygen machines

    Submitted by Deborah Tansley

    To purchase x2 High Flo oxygen machines (as used in HDU and by Critical Outreach team) machine are often used to give high concentration of oxygen for symptom relief for our patients (some who are at end of life stage to provide comfort)

  • Portable DVD players and recliner chairs/parent beds

    Submitted by Paula Staines

    I am writing to request for some portable DVD players for the rainforest ward. Even though we have patient line our high dependency room doesn't have the facility and we also use them for offering films to the children. We were fortunate to have been bought some many years ago but due to being well used we now only have one that works when it feels like it. Also we are in desperate need of parents’ beds or recliner chairs.

  • Waterproof picc line covers

    Submitted by Melanie Bratley

    Following on from the success of the Picc covers, would it be possible for us to use our funds to purchase some Picc covers that patients can wear in the shower to keep their dressings dry? Many thanks.

  • TV and artwork for waiting area

    Submitted by Ruth Kent

    There is an extension to Blue Sky Imaging Suite at Scunthorpe Hospital being planned, to house a new CT scanner. We would really like a Blue Sky Ceiling panel in the waiting area to tie in with the existing BSIS panels, as patients find these relaxing and we get lots of positive feedback about them. A TV and some artwork for the waiting area would also be appreciated by patients as we sometimes get delays due to dealing with emergency cases. Thank you.

  • Magazine/ Newspaper subscription

    Submitted by Joanne Avison

    I would like the Health Tree foundation to help make our patient waiting time more enjoyable by them sponsoring a magazine/newspaper subscription allowing patients to be able to read whilst they wait to be admitted.

  • Nintendo DSs and portable DVD players

    Submitted by Chelsea Smith

    Our wish is to have some Nintendo DS game consoles and some portable DVD players for the Disney ward at Scunthorpe General Hospital. We have a supply of Ds games and DVDs, but running low on devices. The children who come to hospital and stay on the Disney Ward would benefit from this wish; it would help distract children during procedures such as bloods, cannulation and going up to theatre. This wish would help to create an environment that encourages play and entertainments, making a child’s stay a happier one.

  • 2 day Acute Pain Management Symposium in Harrogate

    Submitted by Wendy Allison

    I am requesting support to attend a 2 day Acute Pain Management Symposium in Harrogate in September 2018. I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Acute Pain Management. Acute pain management for our patients is a priority of care. To enable me to practice and teach in evidence based way I have to keep updated. I can fulfil some of my learning by reading current journals but I also need to network/meet other specialists in the same field. Pain relief is a basic human right and should be available for all patients who are under the care of North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust. Poorly controlled pain makes the patient nauseous, suppresses appetite and gradually lowers their immunity, making these patients more susceptible to Hospital Acquired Infections. If pain is not managed in the short term it can develop into chronic pain, which is debilitating, costly and difficult to treat. Good pain relief will improve the surgical outcome by reducing nausea, vomiting, hypoxia, paralytic ileus; it will also promote early mobilisation (thereby preventing deep vein thrombosis) and facilitate speedy discharge.

  • Goole Cancer Support and social group

    Submitted by Lesley Emerson

    Goole Cancer Support and social group have been long established and have been self-sustaining. They have had to move venues due to rising costs; they also are aware that some members of the group are financially challenged, and so a light lunch is provided, which I to you that some of the members are funding the provision of this this from their own pocket. It would make a huge difference the group and enable them to continue the support of local patients.

  • Refurbished play area

    Submitted by Caroline Johnson

    I'm the Sister on the Outpatients Department at SGH. The ENT clinic has a number of children who attend for consultations. The play area is becoming a little tired and I would be grateful if you would consider refurbishing this area.

  • 3 desk fans and a toaster

    Submitted by Sue Hoodless

    We would like to request 3 desk fans for patient use please as 3 of our fans have been condemned. Our patients will benefit greatly as the rooms can get very hot and our patients in labour need to stay cool, and help to make their stay more comfortable. Also, our 6 slice toaster has gone up in flames, we would greatly appreciate a new toaster so that we are able to make patients breakfast and supper.

  • Freezer and fridge for parents

    Submitted by Carol Ellis

    As a unit with 4 overnight rooms for parents, some of them staying for long periods of time, getting a substantial meal can be difficult as well as expensive. Parents have suggested that they would benefit if the family room had an under counter freezer and a fridge to store meals to warm up in the microwave frozen and home prepped.

  • Hospital radio A&E

    Submitted by Colin Binns

    I have been asked if we can have hospital radio in the A & E department. It is important to us as hospital radio will be in public area 24 hours a day with a potential for listeners. It will benefit staff, visitors, patients also charity organisations whom we can promote their service.

  • Sepsis management trolley

    Submitted by Jenn Orton

    Please can we have a deteriorating patient trolley? It’s a sepsis management trolley - ensuring easily accessible equipment for all 6 elements of the sepsis bundle can be delivered and a structured response at a central point.

  • Renovated treatment room

    Submitted by Lisa Wright

    We are an extremely busy department seeing young as well as elderly patients, sometimes for quite lengthy procedures. We would love to renovate a treatment room for our patients, to supply a more comfortable treatment chair with better lighting. The biggest problem for our elderly patients is comfort causing us to prolong surgery's due to rests during the treatment or even doing treatment's in 2 sittings.

  • Picc Line covers. (Including waterproof ones)

    Submitted by Helen Moody

    We would like some pretty Picc Line covers, including waterproof ones, to give to our patients with Picc lines. This will help with their self-image and confidence.

  • Fans

    Submitted by Nicola Mawson

    Laurel ward is extremely hot even in the winter period. We have just had a run of hot weather and found we didn't have enough fans to give to the patients. I would like to be prepared for summer and am asking if we can have some fans.

  • Plastic leaves for memory tree

    Submitted by Laura Malton

    On behalf of Disney Ward we would like to request plastic leaves to be inscribed with the names of children who have sadly passed away, to be displayed on a 'memory tree' in the Twin Tree Garden outside the ward. This will benefit the parents and families of children who have been cared for on Disney Ward who are sadly no longer with us, to provide their families with a place to visit and feel close to their child. At present we have nothing in place to offer parents to mark their child's memory, and we believe a memory tree in the garden would be a subtle but significant gesture for both the child's family and the staff who have cared for their precious children.

  • Ice Machine

    Submitted by Louise Cooper

    I am a midwife on central delivery suite, it is a very warm environment for mothers and their partners, and every room needs to be a minimum of 25 degrees to protect new-born babies from becoming cold. The side effect to this is patients and families become over heated, we do keep them hydrated but the water from the fountain/tap is often warm. We used to have an ice machine and was constantly used for 15 years, but unfortunately was condemned a couple of years ago, and not replaced. I would like to make a wish to have an ice machine reinstated on the ward. Women like to use ice to keep cool generally, as well as crunch in labour. Most importantly it helps lower women's temperatures and helps reduce pharma logical interventions.

  • Picc line covers

    Submitted by Cheryl Chatterton

    Please can we have picc line covers for patients? They will promote self-esteem and increase dignity in patients who have Picc lines. A variety and choice of colours and patterns can be found online but can be quite expensive, especially for patients who have had to give up work for health reasons as is often the case in cancer patients.

  • Puzzles, figures and books to help develop communication

    Submitted by Kim Greener

    Please can we have resources to help children develop early communication abilities? These are to be used within the community such as at home with their families, on a 1:1 basis within schools and early year settings to support children’s development. We would like to purchase resources such as puzzles, figures and books etc. to motivate children to engage in adult led activities to ensure they can progress successfully and reach their full potential.

  • Picture Books

    Submitted by Simon Lammin

    To assist patients with learning disabilities it we would like to have an updated version of Kay Picture books. These are used to assess visual acuity in patients who struggle with the letter charts, such as with learning disabilities. Our current books are looking very old and tatty and the pictures are not that good in them. These books would help us greatly with the assessment of this group of patients who struggle with communication.

  • Fans

    Submitted by Jade Williams

    I would like to wish for some fans for the patient’s bedside tables, it is so hot on the wards for staff so to be a patient in a hot ward must be uncomfortable for our patients.

  • Pool, mood lighting and sound system

    Submitted by Tracy Martin

    We would like a pool, with mood lighting and sound system to enhance our active birth room at Grimsby. We currently have an active birth room which has various pieces of equipment and a pool in separate room which needs updating. If we could have an active pool in the bathroom of room 25, all of the equipment will keep women comfortable and low risk, whilst encouraging normality. The mood lighting and sound system will help with relaxation and holistic care for women and families using our services. The 2nd pool will also facilitate more women using the pools for pain relief, as it is often in demand by more than one client.

  • Fans

    Submitted by Joanne Avison

    We would like fans to keep our patients cool on their journey through our unit. During the hot weather the unit reaches very high temperatures and some of our patients are unable to take fluids prior to procedure. Please help us with making our patients more comfortable while they are with us. Thank you.

  • CMAC videolaryngoscope

    Submitted by Vikki McAlpine

    Our wish is for Disney to have a CMAC video laryngoscope. This piece of equipment would be invaluable in managing difficult airways in infants and children and could potentially save a life.

  • Ceiling artwork for Theatre Lift

    Submitted by John Kennington

    We would like to have something appropriate for the ceiling of the Theatre Lift. This is to help patients, especially children, take their mind off what they are coming to Theatre for. At the minute it is a stained plastic ceiling which a few patients have made comments on.

  • Spot lights for NICU

    Submitted by Kerry Grimbleby

    We would love spot lights at the bedside of the babies on NICU. This is so individual care can be promoted at night. Excessive light and noise can be harmful to pre term infants and brain development. We currently have to turn the main lights on when tending to babies care, meaning all babies in the room are disturbed

  • Dementia Dolls

    Submitted by Denise Lawless

    On Ward C2 we have a lot of Dementia patients, therefore we would love a couple of Dementia dolls that would help soothe and comfort our patients.

  • Rufurbish End of Life Room

    Submitted by Sophie Hutchinson

    We currently have a room on the ward that we use for end of life patients. We would like to make the room more homely and welcoming. We would like to add some more chairs in this room and some pictures on the wall. It would also be nice to have a tea set for families to use when they are visiting.

  • High Rise Chairs

    Submitted by Sophie Hutchinson

    On Ward 6, we currently have patients that have knee and hip surgery. There stay with us could be improved if we could have some more high rise chairs. It would make it easier for the patients when trying to stand up and sit down. This would help them in their rehab.

  • Training on Selective Mutism

    Submitted by Sarah Howard

    We would like to receive some training for staff on Selective Mutism. This is an area we are experiencing increasing questions from parents and would like to increase our knowledge to better support and advise parents and schools of children who have selective mutism.

  • Critical Care Study Day

    Submitted by Louise Partington

    I would like funding to go on a Critical Care study day. It is being run by the BACCN (British association of critical care nurses) and will update my knowledge on current issues in caring for critically ill patients. I work in recovery and anaesthetics at Grimsby Hospital and we regularly have critical care patients in recovery awaiting a bed on ITU. This would help increase my knowledge to care for these patients more safely with a greater understanding.

  • Submitted by

  • Bluetooth Speaker for Maternity Theatre

    Submitted by Benjamin Snowden

    We would love a Bluetooth Speaker for the Maternity Theatre. We currently have a radio that only plays Radio 2. Patients are awake during most procedures that we perform, therefore we could allow patients to listen to their own music during their Caesarean Section, enhancing their birth experience.

  • Small exercise trampoline

    Submitted by Vikki Mcalpine

    Our wish is to have a small exercise trampoline so our young patients with long term respiratory problems can recieve physio in a fun way that is different to how they have it on a daily basis at home. This will hopefully result in better compliance whilst in hospital and make their stay enjoyable.

  • Child friendly plasters

    Submitted by Amy Barnett

    Children have regular blood tests in clinic and on the ward. We would love to have some children`s character plasters for our blood clinics on Children`s Outpatients. Having blood taken is a traumatic procedure for a child and child friendly plasters would make a difference from the plain ones we get and will help the child feel better about having a blood test.

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