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In memory of their brave Dads

During their stay on the Amethyst Suit of Grimsby hospital David and John shared adjoining beds and over the many hours spent visiting their dads, their daughters, Michelle and Joe became friends.

Proving that life goes on, Michelle Lloyd  and Joe Rattray are still firm friends and recently took part in the 10k Midnight Sparkle Walk back in July. They were delighted to hand over a total donation of £346.00 in memory of John and David, to thank the nurses on Amethyst for the care given to their dads.

Michelle said: “My Dad received the best possible care during his stay on Amethyst and I would not want to raise money for anywhere else. You don’t realise how many people are affected by cancer in Grimsby and Cleethorpes until you sit there day in and day out and see new names appearing on the admission board”.

Joe Rattray added: “We are extremely grateful for the care and help Amethyst gave my Dad and this is just a little way of saying thank you.”

Both ladies explained that the walk was challenging, especially the last stretch but their Dads’ memories kept them going.

Sam Price, APIN on Amethyst said: “It’s amazing that the ladies have thought about us after such a difficult time. It was an honour to have looked after David and John, but I would like to point out I was David’s favourite.”

If you would like to make a donation to The Amethyst Suite, please get in touch with Lauren Alexander from The Health Tree Foundation, the official charity of Grimsby Hospital, on 03033 304514 or

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