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Physio team pedal their way to great care

A new bike has been purchased for Goole and District hospital to support patients receiving rehabilitation.

Senior physiotherapist Lucy Staniforth made a wish to the Health Tree Foundation for a Uni-Cam stationary bicycle for the physiotherapy department at the hospital.

The bike provides support for a wide range of lower limb injuries and will be used for patients who have had surgery such as knee replacement and ligament reconstruction. It helps to improve mobilisation and strength in areas such as knees, hips and ankles.

Lucy said: “The new bike will be extremely beneficial for a wide range of patients with lower limb injuries. This piece of equipment will be very effective in the rehabilitation process following knee surgery and those patients who have loss of movement in their knees.”

She said the new piece of equipment would also help to motivate people. “Lower limb injuries can knock people’s confidence and this is a great way to help boost their confidence and get them mobile again.”

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