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Gamers have a go at running a virtual hospital

Staff at Grimsby hospital are putting a new twist on fundraising for their hospital by having a go at running a virtual one.

People will be taking a break to have a go at the popular Theme Hospital computer game in the foyer at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital to raise funds for the Health Tree Foundation, the hospital’s official charity.

Theme Hospital is a digital simulation game where players design and operate their own hospital.

System administrator Kris Weavill teamed up with his friend Max Stringer, a Tutor at Grimsby Institute, to make the fundraising event happen.

The pair along with other staff from the hospital and students and staff from Grimsby Institute will be competing in the hospital foyer on Friday August 19.

The event will kick off at 9.30am as people will try to design and operate an online digital hospital.

The whole thing will be live streamed on the internet so anyone in the world will be able to see the action as it happens.

Kris said: “The Health Tree Foundation is a fantastic way to raise money for local hospitals.

“We are looking forward to raising the profile of the charity via the internet through Twitch and YouTube by having a bit of fun.”

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