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Children to benefit from a special wish

A new saw has been purchased for the plaster room at Grimsby hospital to help children feel at ease when getting their casts removed.

Ward sister Rachel Beckett submitted a request to the Health Tree Foundation’s Circle of Wishes. She said: “My wish is for a quiet, child friendly plaster saw to cut plasters off young children in the plaster room at Grimsby hospital. 

“Our current saws are very noisy and sometimes children become agitated when our technicians use them. Their whole experience of attending a fracture clinic can become a scary time and their parents stressed as a result of this.”

Thanks to generous donations from the public the Health Tree Foundation (HTF) was able to grant this wish.

Partnerships manager for HTF said: “This is such a lovely wish. It’s only a small thing to be able to purchase but it is making a real difference to our patients.”

Rachel said: “It’s working great already. It is much quieter than our standard plaster saw and it’s also been great with our dementia patients as well our children.”

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