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New baby group launched in Louth

A new support group for premature babies and their parents has been set up in Louth thanks to help from a local charity.

The group, which has been launched by staff from Grimsby hospital, was in need of play equipment to get it off the ground. 

The Health Tree Foundation (HTF), the official charity for Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust, came to the rescue buying new toys and a play mat.

Neonatal community nurse, Julie Colbrook, said: “We have been running a similar group in Grimsby for some time now. With the donation of new toys and a play mat we have been able to open a new group in Louth to provide additional sessions and support.”

It aims to support parents with babies that were born prematurely. The main goal is to give people the opportunity to meet other families, share experiences and gain confidence and knowledge about their baby.

Each session sees a different topic discussed, and babies can also be weighed and have blood tests performed if needed.

Julie said: “The group is for premature babies up to their first birthday. It is an informal setting and provides a great chance for mums and dads to have a cup of tea and a chat, with the opportunity to ask for support if they need it.”

The sessions are held once a month and families are invited to attend by the neonatal community nurses.

Julie added: “I want to say a big thank you to the Health Tree Foundation for buying us a patchwork activity mat, stackable cups, rattles and other great sensory toys.”

Mum Beth Montgomery, who attends the Grimsby premature support group, said: “It’s nice to have the support available for if we need it, plus it’s good to get away for a couple of hours.”

Mum Kate Morgan said: “It’s lovely to see people again who I met on the ward. We have a chance to catch up and find out how we’re getting on.”

If you have had a baby premature and would like an invitation to either Louth or Grimsby support group please contact the neonatal community nurses on 07771983119 or 03033 303702 for additional information.

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