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New Years Day Dip

More than twenty nurses, doctors and hospital staff took the plunge into the North Sea on New Year’s Day to raise money for cancer care.

Staff on the maternity wards at Diana, Princess of Wales hospital Grimsby volunteered to take part in a New Year’s Day dip at 10am on 1st January at Brighton slipway, Cleethorpes.

They have already managed to raise over £1100 for two amazing causes: the Pink Rose Suite at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital and Cancer Research UK.

Jo Oxenborough, who is taking part in the dip said "We did this for all those close to us who have been affected by cancer" The Health Tree Foundation provided these brave souls with insulating foil jackets upon their chilly descent from the sea.

The event has been coordinated by Helen Jacques who managed to encourage a number of people on the surrounding wards to get involved in the challenge, including midwife Joanne Harding, SHCA Teresa Gray, Coordinator Carol Horsey and midwife Jo Oxborough.

In the days leading up to the dip, all they had left to say “it’s going to be chilly.”

You can still show your support by donating to the Pink Rose Suite here or to Cancer ResearchUK here


Thank you to Duncan Young for providing us with a photo of the event.

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