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Charity perform successful ‘wishes’ operation

Anaesthetists and theatre staff at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby will now be able to respond to emergencies using a step-by-step approach thanks to new trolleys, purchased by The Health Tree Foundation. 

The trolleys hold emergency airway management equipment that can be used during critical situations.

 Theatre manager Stan Wood submitted a wish to the Health Tree Foundation for two new colour coded ‘difficult airway’ trolleys to improve patient safety.

 Stan said: “The new trolleys facilitate a controlled, standardised and speedy response to emergency situations during anaesthesia as the layout of the trolleys is clear and concise.”

 One trolley is for use when children undergo operations and the other is used for adults.

 Operating department practitioner lead Nicki Weed said: “The new trolleys have a standardised layout and this means all theatre staff will be able to use them with ease, even when travelling from other hospitals, such as Scunthorpe General Hospital.”

 Within two months of Stan submitting the wish to The Health Tree Foundation, the trolleys were delivered and are now in use.

 Stan added: “The wish process is easy to access and easy to use, and the Health Tree team have been very friendly and helpful.”

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