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Big-hearted charity donates to Scunthorpe hospital

A local support group with a big heart has donated a monitoring machine for the cardio respiratory unit at Scunthorpe hospital. 

The cardiac rehabilitation interest group (CRIG) has bought an automatic blood pressure monitor. The charity is a local support group which provides support to cardiac patients, theirs carers and families across North Lincolnshire.

Highly specialised cardiac physiologist Liz Tilley said: “The machine automatically takes a patient’s blood pressure every three minutes which means staff don’t manually have to do it."

She said staff undertook a range of tests including electrocardiograms (ECGs), exercise tolerance tests and echo tests.

Liz said: “I want to say a very big thank you to CRIG as they have made our job so much easier when carrying out some of the tests. The new machine means we can concentrate on the tests knowing the machine is accurately checking the blood pressure for us.”

Chair of CRIG Mickie O’Toole said: “From a patient perspective the machine will be so much easier as it means the test can carry on without having to stop and start for manual blood pressure testing

“We really want to continue supporting the department as much as we with fundraising as the staff do such a marvellous job.”

Some of the money used to buy the machine came from a donation of £2,000 which was given to CRIG from the Yorkshire Building Society in Barton.

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