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Hospital fundraisers donate another £25k

The Cleethorpes Cancer Support Group has donated a cheque for £25,000 to Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital.

The money was raised thanks to their charity shop in Sea View Street, Cleethorpes.

The donation has been made to support life-saving treatment for cancer patients treated by consultant Mr Mike Tilston.

Mr Tilston said: “We are so grateful to the charity for their support, having a local community like Cleethorpes Cancer Support Group raising money for the hospital is wonderful.”

The donation will be used to pay for the HALO system which treats patients with Barrett’s oesophagus at risk of developing cancer of the gullet.   

Mr Tilston added; “Barrett’s oesophagus can very quickly turn into cancer, which is lethal in this area. This treatment allows the normal lining of the gullet to regrow and takes away the cancer risk.

“It’s a safe, convenient procedure which just means coming into hospital for the day and out of everyone we’ve treated we haven’t had a single progression to cancer.”

Shop manager Lynn Wedlake said: “We always ask the hospital what they need, and have supported this department in the past with a donation of £10,500.

“We’re busy as ever in the shop with plenty of stock coming in, so would like to thank the public for all their support.”

She added: “I think one of the reasons we do get the support now is that we’re a local charity, which doesn’t take any money out to pay our volunteers.

“We’re raising money for equipment which our customers or their friends or family may one day need to use.”

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