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Please take care of yourselves and your family and if you can think of any way that we may be able to support you, please get in touch. 


Thank you #OneMillionClaps

As part of NHS Charities Together  #OneMillionClaps campaign. The public is being encouraged to text CLAP followed by a message of support to 70507 to make a £5 donation. The messages are then sent to each NHS Charity that is a member of NHS Charities together based on the postcode linked to the text.

Here are the messages we've recieved from people within the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS FoundationTrust area. We'll keep updating this page every day so our wonderful teams can see the messages.

Thank you so much to everyone that has sent a text and donated with a wonderful message.

28th April 2020 


26th April 2020

"Thank you for all the hard work you do!"
"Well done nhs brave people"

25th April 2020 

"Thank you very much for your bravery, care and dedication x x"
"Thank you so much for your care and bravery. You are all unbelievable whatever your job xxx"
"Well done, keep strong, stay safe."

24th April 2020 

"Thankyou NHS"
"Thank you NHS"
"You all deserve a a medal the size of a dustbin lid."
"Thanks for saving lives"

23rd April 2020

"Thankyou NHS you're absolutely unbelievably awesome x

21st April

"Thank you x"

20th April

"We appreciate what you're doing for us all
Thankyou to all, for the work and dedication to the patients. We are so appreciative of you.

19th April

"Thank you"

18th April

"Please take care of yourselves as well as us x"
"We can't say enough about the fantastic work you are doing"
"Thank you NHS your all doing a good job thank you so much keep safe"
"NHS we are proud of you! Keep it up!"
"Words seem inadequate"

17th April

"Thank you to all the NHS staff for all your hard work. "You should remain strong and extremely proud of yourselves for putting yourselves at risk so others can remain safe. Stay healthy and take care!"
"Thanks to all involved in the caring of a nation God bless you all x"
"Thanks to all keyworkrrs in care services all over this country who are doing such a brilliant job! x"
"Well done all nhs staff and carers - you're amazing and very much appreciated- you're all angels in disguise thank you xx"
"Thankyou to our NHS you are all Heroes Xx"
"Well done NHS and all the fantastic staff! Xxx"
"Sending you all thanks for your amazing hard work and dedication"
"Thank you"
"Thank you so much. Your dedication is beyond belief!
with heartfelt thanks"
"Thank you x"
"Keep up the fantastic work that you are all doing. You make us very proud to be British. Xx"
"Fantastic job NHS, keep up the good work xx"
"God Bless Them All"
"Thank you so much for everything you do. May God bless all of you and your families"
"Thank you all"
"You are doing an unbelievable job. Keep up the outstanding work. Love from the Potts family."
"Thanks for all you amazing work and dedication x"
"Stay safe x"
"Thank you to my best friend Carol Rushby and all the her team on C1 at Grimsby Hospital for caring for me during my stay with Covid19 on her ward . Amazing staff full of love and kindness . Stay safe"
"Thank you for everything Julie and Mick x"
"Thankyou to all NHS staff and everyone working throughout the hospitals whatever role they are playing including the care homes and all staff THANK YOU"
"Thank you for doing your best"
"We will keep clapping" 
"We're rooting for you all"
"from Yoga Moves Grimsby"
"Thank you so much for everything you are doing at this very difficult time. You are all fantastic Thank you so so much."
"Thank you for saving our lives while you risk yours!!
who work for the NHS well done"
"Thank you for your fearless dedication to those in need of your care."
"So proud of our NHS and all they are doing for us
keep up the good work you're beyond amazing"
"Thank you so much guys for everything your doing"
"Thank you to everyone at NLAG NHS Foundation Trust for your public service during this extraordinarily difficult time. I salute you all. Julian"
"Thank you xx"
"Thank you for all your hard work and caring.Keep well, Keep safe."
"Thank you"
"Very proud of our NHS thanks for your hard work.
"Absolutely brilliant job guys, keep up the good work xx"
"We all can't thank each and everyone of you enough. So proud of our NHS. You all deserve medals x"
"Well done to all the dedicated workers involved in the NHS , keep safe x"
"Thankyou so much for what you all do, we're very lucky to have the NHS and all you providing the service
"Thank you for caring for my daughter in law throughout her cancer treatment xx"
"Keep up the great work,we would be lost without you all"
"Thank you all if you helping all of us"
"You are all heroes and I applaude every one of you. Xxx"
"A BIG BIG BIG THANKYOU for all your hard work caring for us all, not just for now but for all the time."
"Love and respect"
"Thank you so much we appreciate you all."
"These are worrying times and it does feel like an enemy we are fighting and you are all on the front line."
"Never in my life have I felt so humbled and emotional by how people are uniting and showing their love and support for the NHS."
"So emotional that a war veteran (so fitting) has raised so much money for the NHS absolutely fantastic just shows you how everyone is behind and supporting you the NHS. Thank you "
"Fantastic service..well done to everyone in the NHS and all that you do! Xx"
"Thank you. x"
"Thankyou isn't enough"
"Keep up the great work you are all doing xx"
"Thanks for all your work for us you are all wonderful,courageous people from Kathryn"
"You are all doing a wonderful job. Stay well"
"Thank you"
"You are all hero's Thankyou NHS xx"
"To help save lives x"
"Thank you NHS" 
"Fantastic NHS and all key workers in our wonderful country"
"Our brilliant NHS"
"Your selfless dedication is recognised. Thank you"
"Thank you NHS."
"Thank you so much for everything that you are all doing your all superheroes xx"
"Thank you. You're all heroes!!"
"To all the workers @ the NHS thank you.You are what makes this country the best place in the world to live.Keep Safe you all deserve recognition from the whole country"
"Thank you for the selfless work you are doing. You are truly angels!!"
"Long live the N.H.S. We all love you all x"
"You truly are gods own angels"
"Thank you for everything you're all doing, every single one of you are so brave and all of the UK will forever be grateful for people like you!"
"You are all angels in disguise"
"Thank you, heroes one and all!!"
"Well done to everyone... you are all amazing"
"Thank you"
"You are all angels thank you so much x"
"We are so proud of you all xx"
"Thank you, you are amazing" 
"Never enough for those giving more than enough thank u x"
"What a amazing job you are all doing without people like you i dont know were we would be and i like to say a big thank you to my daughter Atlanta she is a nearly qualified nurse she is a inspiration to me as my only child her nannie would have been so proud of her unfortunately she passed away 5 years ago So i big thank you to the NHS and all key workers so i big CLAP to you all xxx"
"Thank you to the NHS for everything you do. We are so lucky to have you."
"Thank you x"
"you are all amazing people doing an amazing job thank you to you all"
"Thank you thank you thank you all for all that you do such selfless people we all really appreciate what your doing xx"
"My wife and myself are very proud of all our NHS workers we love you and applaud everything that you do God Bless you all xxx"
"You're all amazing thank you" 
"Thank you for risking your lives to save ours xxx"
"Love and thanks to you all for what you are doing in these very scary times xxx"
"To All NHS Staff, You are the true Super Heros, Thank You for everything xxx"
"Well done to you all xx and thank you xx"
"A message of support and thanks to everyone working at Scunthorpe General Hospital during this time, in particular my friend Suzanne who is a nurse on ICU"
"Thank you NHS you are all amazing. # STAY HOME STAY SAFE"
"Thank you is not enough you're all true heroes xx
super proud of all our carers"
"Thank you to all NHS staff you all deserve a medal for going above and beyond the call of duty to keep us all safe."
"Many thanks to all my nhs work colleagues, keep going, stay strong, were all doing a brilliant job x
thank you we love you"
"Thank you from our hearts we are so proud of the hard work you are all doing. Stay safe and sending loads of love. Xx"
"Thank you for everything. Where would we have been without you brave and kind people"
"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can't thank you enough for your courageous strength and determination to battle on behalf of us, Danielle x"
"Thank you for your commitment and bravery, we would all be in a mess without you.
"Keep up your excellent work folks" 
"Thank you so much for everything that you do with such compassion and courage" 
"You are all doing a fantastic job. The whole country is in debt to you. Stay safe."
"Heros all stay safe"
"Thank you all NHS and Carers"
"Take care"
"Thank you.You are all heroes xx"
"To all NHS staff and carers and key workers , keep going you are doing a brilliant job to try to keep us all safe xx"
"To all the wonderful key workers we are truly blessed to have you all xx"
"You are ALL absolutely amazing!! Keep up your great efforts and we will beat this at a nation!!!"
"You are all doing an amazing job and we are in awe of your constant bravery."
"Massive heartfelt thanks for all your great hard work love Martin and Ann x x x"
"Well done to all at NHS we love you xx"
"Thank you to all you wonderful NHS people whom we are all very grateful to,you are all angels"
"You are doing an amazing job , can not thank you enough"
"Thank you nhs and key workers for all your hard work and keep up the good work. But most of all stay safe
Thank you"
"Would like to say a massive thank you to our amazing NHS! All heros dont wear capes. And I wanna say a massive well done to all my fellow support workers in the private care sector for keeping going through these hard time. Love to you all xxxxx"
"Thanks for all your doing for us"
"Angels one and all, god bless you."
"Thank you to all the NHS workers and key workers you are all amazing, keep your spirits up. The whole of the country are in awe, of the outstanding work our NHS do, every day. Thank you NHS - you're all amazing - from Graham"

"We are full of admiration and gratitude for the NHS thank you"
"Thank you to everyone for all you do, not just now but always xxx"
"Thankyou NHS for risking your lives to save others! You are amazing"

Thank you NHS, we owe you everything and more. You are all truly amazing and have gone above and beyond for everyone of us. We can be safe because you have risked your safety on the frontline. I know some could not be saved but you gave your all for them. They will look down on you and know you tried.

Our praise, applause and appreciation is for past, present and future care you have given and will proceed to give. You are and always will be our heroes. X
Thank you so much. You're amazing!
Thank you
Keep up the amazing work.
well done the nhs
Thank you to all of the NHS workers that are doing all that they can for us. You are our heroes!
thank you for everything, you are amazing!!!!
You truly are incredible. Thank you NHS for everything you do. Please stay safe and strong. We're in this together. Your first class super heroes. X
keep up the brill work your doing x
keep up the brill work your doing x
Thankyou NHS
Thank you NHS x
You are all amazing stay strong we are all so proud of you
THANK YOU NHS. You are all amazing. Every single one of you for looking after the health and well-being of our country.
thanks for all that you do, Stay Safe!
Thank you to all you wonderful people
Thankyou NHS for the wonderful care you're giving at this worrying time . Thankyou
You thank you all your amazing Kathy and family xxx
Thank you all for the help , caring & support you give to our communities & your undying proffessional expertise you show, not only during this very difficult time but every day if our lives.
God bless you all & keep you all safe & well
Thank you for being truly amazing, we will be eternally grateful. All our love, stay safe. The Abbeys
stay safe x
Thank you
thank you NHS we love you xx
thank you NHS
Thank you NHS and all the staff on the front line for all your hard work and dedication in saving lives. We love you!
Thank you to all NHS staff for all the work you are doing at this time and beyond.
Thankyou for all you do you are all angels
Thank you NHS. Well done for looking after us. From Ava aged 8
Thank You NHS your doing a great job xx
Thankyou NHS
You are amazing
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
Thanks for all your amazing work... Pat x
So proud of our NHS. So proud to be British right now
Thank you so much for keeping us safe xxx
thank you to all of you that are continuing to work in these scary times, doctors, nurses, hcas, porters, cleaners and anyone I've missed. Thank you home carers, care home workers and hospital transport staff, you're all amazing.
thank you
Thank you for the incredible work you are doing. You are all so brave.
Thank you everyone in the NHS zing job.
Thank you is not enough for all that you are doing. Everyones gratitude is endless. Thank you xx
Thanks to the NHS, you are doing an amazing job xx
thankyou to ALL NHS staff're amazing x
You are all so brilliant and worth your weight in gold, Jane x
You are all Heroes and Angels. God bless you all.
a massive thankyou to everyone at the NHS x
thank you for being there when we need you and for taking care of those how need most
Massive Thank you to each and everyone of you. You are all our Heroes
Thank you All for been there when the country needs you
Thank you. You are all amazing.
nhs employees and volunteers you will be forever in everyones thoughts and prayers. You are true heroes x
thank you
Thank you NHS for putting yourselves at risk every day to keep us safe x
Thankyou NHS for your sterling comitment
to all our unsung heroes we love you all x
thanks for all continued help and support you are all amazing x
big thanks to all in the NHS and carers
You are all super heroes and so so appreciated.
Thankyou NHS workers
You're amazing
Welldone to all the NHS and emergency services during this period. You are finally getting to recognition you deserve. Rachel & 3 year old Aurora from Grimsby
thank you all you are all heros
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
keep doing what you are doing you are all stars thank you
We are so proud of our NHS and Carers on the front line and as a teacher I am supporting their unconditional commitment to fighting this virus
Can't thank each and every one of you enough. God bless x
Thank you for all your hard work
Thank you for your dedication and commitment
Thank you to the fantastic people who work for the NHS who risk their own lives every single day to save lives of others. Thank you.
Greatest respect for you all.
Thank you for the work you do and especially during this pandemic. Stay Safe ,Robert
All the best for the heroes in blue. We love you all and thank you x
To our super heros. Thank you
Thank you Tom...I have total respect for you. Well done.

16th April

You're in all out hearts and minds. Xxxx
your doing a great job thank you
Thank you is not enough! You're all Angels
we appreciate everything you guys are doing, many many thanks

15th April

You are awesome. Thank you
stay safe
thank you

14th April

Thankyou to everyone in the NHS xx

13th April

Thank you so much for looking after those in need. You are all awesome
A simple thank you is not enough
Thank you to the NHS for everything they are doing. Touch wood we will continue to not need any care in my family at this awful time xxx
thank you so much. each and every one of you are heroes xxxx

12th April

You are simply the best, Cav and Ali from Cleethorpes
thanks for all you do Margaret & ges
Thank you NHS staff for what you are doing today, what you've done in the past and what you'll do in the future to help our family and friends x
Best wishes and all our thanks to all front line NHS staff
you are doing an unbelievable job in terrible terrible circumstances. You deserve every accolade and thank you and love you are sent. Barry
Fantastic work and much appreciated with best wished
keep going nhs warriors! We all love you
thank you.
thank you NHS for Scunthorpe General Hospital
thank you
you all are absolutely amazing x such selfless work that you're all doing x so so proud of everyone & we are truly grateful x
thank you for all your hard work and saving our lives. Love Ava xxx.
Thankyou to each and everyone of the NHS for your hard work and for putting yourselves in a very difficult position each and every day. Keep safe xxx
mat God bless you all. big love to the people who make the NHS amazing x
thank you all so much for everything you are doing, it will never be forgotten, bless you all.
Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible
for our super nhs

11th April

Long live the NHS
We appreciate all you are doing, stay strong.
We stand in awe of your courage and commitment and thank you sincerely. Nell
Thank you NHS
NHS heroes thank you
The extremely hard work that is being carried out by all NHS staff, including my brother, is an inspiration to us all. Thank you so much. Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.
we are all behind you. Xx
thanks for all you are doing best wishes to you all
Bless you all, cannot thank you enough for what you are doing for us. You truly are Angels. Sending love to each and every one of you.
You are so appreciated. Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou!
Thank you NHS & thank you to everyone working at this scary time X
You're all HEROES...plain and simple
thank you for all you do. You are amazing, stay safe
Thankyou for the amazing job you're doing for us all!
Thankyou for everything your doing. Your doing amazing job.
thank you, thank you, thank you.!!!!
Heartfelt Thanks to our countries heroes
Thank you NHS
Many many thanks for all your hard work and dedication
Thanks for doing such a fantastic job. You are amazing people.
keep up the great work over the past 4 weeks I have had a serious infection operations and visit Grimsby hospital daily for my antibiotics I have never sen so much love and dedication as I have love to all many thanks from all at the fytche family.
thank you thank you xx
Stay strong Stay Safe, your work and deication must not be allowed to be forgotten. Proud of our NHS ??
A great BIG THANK YOU for the people in the NHS. This show's that we have the best Health Service in the world
Thanks for all you are doing NHS keep up the good work
You are all doing amazing work, thank you so much x x
Thankyou to the brave dedicated NHS staff you truly are inspirational.
Thankyou very much. May you all stay safe
thank you our hero's
Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication and amazing skills each and everyone of you give to those fighting covid-19. Your selflessness will never be forget - thank you millions
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! You are all amazing thank you for everything you're doing much love Chris Grimsby xxx
the work you do is outstanding, THANK YOU
Keep up your amazing work. Thank you everyone
thank you NHS
I hope you all get the respect you deserve and see an increase in your wages at the end of all this. Thankyou for selflessly keeping us safe.
thank you to all NHS staff for their hard work and dedication fighting Covid-19 on the frontline, you are all hero's
thank you thank you thank you all
Thank you so very much all of you xx
Your doing an amazing job, country so proud
Keep Safe
I can't image what's it like to go to work thinking that it could end your life unbelievable bravery !!!!
Thank you, you are all amazing! Chris and Brian
Thank you to all the wonderful NHS staff who are selflessly fighting the front lines for Britain, we salute you.
Thank you for working so hard you are all amazing.. you are helping so many people you should all be proud of yourselves... stay strong NHS love sophie & louise xxx
Thankyou for everything your doing. Putting your lifes at risk to help save ours! Truly amazing you should all be very proud of yourselves.
Many thanks to all who looked after my brother for over 2 weeks we finally lost him last Saturday 4th April. Hugs and kisses to you all.xx
Carry on with the great work we love you all
keep up the good work you're all amazing xx
Thank you all for your bravery throughout these very difficult days, stay safe and go home to enjoy your family, XXX
Thank you for being there for us when we need you most
thank you for all your empathy and tenderness
Thank you to all of you for looking after all of us. Thankyou xx
Keep up the brilliant work...You are all our heroes.Xx
What fantastic work and fantastic people! Stay safe and God Bless you all! Thank you x
thank you for everything you are doing, you are amazing xx
Many thanks to all NHS staff for all the remarkable work they do x
Thank you - try to keep safe.
I am so proud of the NHS. I'm a retired nurse but sadly I cannot join colleagues on the frontline due to being in my 70s & in the vulnerable group. I hope the country acknowledges your dedication with a medal for bravery because each & everyone of you are heroes. x
thank you one and all for your care
Thank you all for all you doing to keep us safe total respect from us all wife grandkids and my daughter just thank you xxx
My heartfelt thanks to all you amazing, dedicated people.
I actually cry every day out of respect and admiration for NHS workers, and key workers

You should have always been in our hearts, better late than never for respect.

Grateful thanks to everyone
thank you all so much. Your bravery astounds me and makes me feel very humble. I know with you we can all get through this trying time. I promise to stay home to keep you safe xxx
Thank you for your hard work and dedication xx
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring for my husband and sending him home to me xxxxxxx
Thank you
Wonderful, keep up the great work.
So proud of the NHS keep fighting like the champions you are god bless you all xxx
Thank you, each and every one of you!! X X X
Bless you all
So proud of you all at the NHS
Thank you for looking after my husband every time he been in hospital .God bless you all xx
Massive Thanks
NHS you are the best! Cant thank you enough for everything you do to take care of us all, especially now.
Huge thank you for everything you are doing to save lives
Thanks to all the NHS staff.
please keep up your amazing work. Thank you
Thanks for all you do
A massive thank you for all your hard work and dedication to keep us all safe. You really are appreciated
well done everyone in the NHS for their hard work in trying to fight this pandemic.
I have a lot of respect for the frontline workers as I too work for the nhs in the back ground. Well done.
Each and every one of you, Angels. RodgeandKaz
Sue L Grimsby. X
You are all amazing people doing an amazing job for this great nation, stay strong and stay safe.
Well done NHS. Keep safe.
Thank you to our real life heroes
Thankyou for everything you do for everyone, caring but not sharing the awful virus.
Thank you
Thank you your all amazing
Keep up the good work we are 100% behind you all the way
Thank you , your all amazing
Thank you NHS our saviours x
keep up the good work
Thank you NHS
Thank-you so much for keeping us all well, you're doing such a great job, love Ada (7) xXx
thank you each and everyone of you for your devotion and selfless work
We are all humbled by your dedication
Thank you for all your efforts, you are all Angel's.x
Thank you for everything you are doing for us. You are all stars
Thank you to all who are working on the front line during this pandemic. Never again should the UK take you for granted. Stay safe & big hugs to you all.
Thanks for all your brilliant work
To you all at SGH
You're all doing an amazing job, keep going, you can do it!
Thank you to all fellow care workers for doing our best every day
You are heroes not just for now but for what ever we face
You are all angels
god bless our NHS Angeles
Thank you xxx
Thank you to all our key workers and also to their families for supporting them in this most difficult time
You are all absolutely fabulous!
Thank You to our magnificent NHS, Public Services and all key workers, so proud of you all. Take care of yourselves xx Liane
There r no words that would be worthy, but a big thanku for all ur doing. Stay safe xx
we can't tell you how much we appreciate the sacrifice you are all making. God bless you all.
Thank you for all your hard work keep it up and stay safe
You are all heroes!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do. From the two amazing paramedics who came out to look after my Mum, to the army of doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners and everyone else keeping our hospitals running... you are all amazing.

Thank you!
to every key worker and particularly the staff at the Princess Diana hospital in Grimsby, thankyou
Amazing work, thank you.
You're doing a great job!!!
keep the good work up
what a brilliant job you are doing, thank you, stay safe.
bless you all, thank you
Amazing NHS workers xx
You are all amazing people, every single one of You.
Well done you wonderful people of the NHS. Thank you for all your wonderful work.
Thank you so much for everything your doing well done we are so proud of you all, keep safe xx

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